Dove Tracts, Inc.  
Dove Tracts, Inc.

May the Peace of the Lord be with You Always

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DoveTracts, Inc. is a not for profit company,
providing Christian tracts, books, study guides, certificates
and other church documents.

This small company was founded by
Bishop K.L. Ackerman and Joann Ackerman.

CD Book CoverSeveral years ago as I considered the many difficulties which we are facing as a church, I was taken back to my youth when I perceived a call to the priesthood. In fact, I found an old shoebox that I had saved, and in it were items that I simply have never been able to discard. As I opened the box I felt the same excitement I did as a boy when the mysteries of the Faith were becoming a greater reality for me. They were my tracts. Yes, these out of print tracts have had a profound effect on me. As I thought about them and even reread a few of them, several principles became clear: (1) they were all out of print, (2) they were all rather succinct, (3) they were written in a positive tone, (4) they were inexpensive, and (5) they were easily available in the parish tract rack.

Obviously, as we know, times have changed, but, of course, the truth of the Faith has not changed, in spite of some unusual attempts to have us believe otherwise. Most of us live in a world where we are overwhelmed by communication, but I believe that there are still people of all ages who are looking in tract racks for articles that will instruct and encourage. The word "formation" is not used as much these days, but you and I know that this is an essential element in growth. Having spent some of my life waiting for someone else to act, I felt a conviction not to allow this experience to pass. Thus, I shared the vision of a Tract Movement with my wife, Joann, and in turn with others; and by God's grace, a non-profit organization has been formed. Its name is DoveTracts.

Very slowly Jo and I have moved towards realizing what we perceive to be a call to provide tracts for a new generation. We believe that they must meet the five points that I have noted in this letter. We are indebted to Sr. Mary Jean, CSM of Peekskill for taking us to the next level, as she has written five tracts for us. They are available on our first tracts CD-ROM entitled Timeless Truths for Turbulent Times. It is a compilation of conservative Christian tracts written by clergy and Sister, and are both printable and reformatable for church tract racks, newsletters or bulletins.

We have been able to fund this company by the publication and sale of our book, To God Be the Glory, which is a book that we hope clergy and laity alike can find useful in making their churches healthy and vibrant. Currently we also have CD’s available that can help with Preparing for the Sacraments as well as one to remind us of Our Anglican Heritage.

Bishop K.L. Ackerman, SSC

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Dove Tracts, Inc.
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